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Overheard at my house...

I love my family. I love my daughter. I struggle to let go of my need to control. Our cat (Kitten's cat) is particular and precious and patient. She will speak when she's less than pleased, but she almost never strikes out. She's not much for being carried and will say so, meowing once as if she's been startled.

Kitten comes from one side of the house, carrying her beloved cat.  A brief conversation ensues.

K    - There, I finally found a position where she doesn't meow!
Me - Oh yeah?  You picked her up by the muzzle?
K    - NO!

Kitten loves to make forts for her cat.  She designs complicated tunnel and bridge systems, some of which remain upright long enough to be enjoyed.  Sometimes Kitten will forget about their game, leaving the room.  This morning, after having fed her cat into one such tunnel, Kitten returns to the kitchen to chat.  She spits out a brief flurry of statements, some of which are even related to each other, before returning to her room.

K    - I know how find just where she is in the tunnel (giggling)
Me - You enter the room and suddenly scream like a banshee?
K    - NO!

Yeah, she has to deal with my crap all the fricken time.
Tags: baby-girl, humour, the real me

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