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Another quicky

Only because I am so tired and must sleep. Here's the rundown, complete with pictures.

We left for Nanaimo at about 7:45am. Arrived just in the nick of time to catch the 8:40 ferry to Horseshoe Bay. Once on the ferry we saw water,


and more water. (I am sorely tempted to add more pictures of water and, trust me, I have them. It's late and being tired is only an excuse right now. By the time you read this, I'll be awake and feeling sheepish. I'll leave it at this, I think.)

Is that a military vessel of some sort...?

I spy...

Oh, nope... it's an island.

Off the ferry and onto the Trans Canada.
This road trip takes us through mountains,


past trees,


beside snowy patches,


under a cloud...

A cloud

Here's a new experience.

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

Yeah, there really is a first time to drive through a startlingly recent (though minor) landslide. And I got pictures, sucka!

My Dad, the reason for the trip (his retirement party),

My Dad

and the little sister I always wanted but didn't get until my Dad remarried.

The little sister I always wanted.

Persian candy,

Persian candy!



and, of course, playoff hockey!

Playoff hockey
(pardon the blur, I was laughing)

I was gifted with silliness, step-sister style,


and a little more,


that had me laughing 'til tears and precariously close to wetting myself.

We see the whole party,

group photo

minus the photographer,

The Photographer

and some family bonding to end the day.

Lookin' at Tree houses


Senior, junior, junior(apparently, body snatchers replaced me with a noob in all photos of me from the weekend. I have no recollection of it happening, but that is the only explanation I can come up with.)

Homeward bound by 8:30am, one hour later than we wanted to leave


but we still managed to catch the 7:00 pm ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo.
There was a slight delay as we waited for The Queen of Esquimalt to leave dock three,

Hey you, git outta my dock!

which gave me the time I needed to walk around on the parking deck in my bare feet (a wholly satisfying experience in my opinion).

Back on the Trans Canada but my favorite stretch, this time.
We leave the highway to travel a mostly unlit back road. Now it's dark!

Ooh, the pretty lights



There's the condensed version. Stay tuned for the filler...


With my feet on the ground.

What an amazing experience!  My trip to CowTowne was amazing, perfect, beautiful, magical.  Driving with my sister, our first ever road trip sans kids, was a brilliant opportunity to get to know each other better.  The first visit with my Father in 6 years that was longer than an hour.  The first time I left my home without Wolf and Kitten. 

I don't know if I could choose one moment to be my highlight, but I wanted to get a little something written quickly.  I spoke to a woman, an old family friend whom I hadn't seen in close to 20 years.  While talking, she shook her head, smiled and told me that I've got a 10 year head start.  I'll explain that in greater detail if you would like, just let me know.

I plan on breaking my visit down into experiential moments but I've a bit of life to live first.  Happy 'Welcome to Your Life' Day.  May you see every moment with clarity and happiness.

May. 30th, 2007

 To Do list
nopeClean Vacuum
doneMake Cell and Camera Cases
donePack (Me)
donePack (Kitten)
nopeCall Teacher

No, I'm not deluding myself.  I am more or less sure that I will not complete all of these, but I thought if I put it out there for all to see, I might get done a thing or two more.

I love you all and thanks for being unwitting support!


Edit: 2:36pm -- *Kitten is up to her elbows as I type.  We are killing so many birds with this one: I'm giving up control (challenging); she's helping (good for both); she's just learned first hand (and announced to me) why I hate it when she doesn't rinse her oatmeal bowl (good for me!!)

Edit: 4:20pm -- Just wasted 2 hours making a cell phone case as I don't have time to look for my Velcro.  Must remember to schedule time to work on my disorganization, soon!

Edit: 9:16pm -- Didn't worry about the vacuum.  It's not like the vacuum will be used while I'm gone.  Teacher will wait... she has this long.  Same with taxes.

Whoot!  I'm almost away.


I hereby solemnly swear...

Wolf is finally living his dream of returning to the country.  While I cannot claim that I dislike rural living, I can insist on retaining certain traits I was brought up with, while denouncing certain others that I have witnessed of the local populace.
Now that I'm a country girl...
  1. I will do my damnedest not to take it to heart when my good grammar and syntax offends my neighbours (I am not pompous, my mother was an English major.)
  2. I will burn some of my garbage, occasionally - not all of it, all the time.
  3. You will never hear me state that I've had 3 bottles of wine, then watch as I get into my 4X4 to drive my friend home.
  4. I will not use the verb douche when referring to tidying up my home.

I will be adding to this list as situations present themselves.

Seeing God.

I told him that I wasn't interested in watching his slow (or not so) decline and that I was struggling to be supportive in this, his time of illness.  If he wasn't going to go see his doctor, so be it.  He said he was just fine, that he'd been sick like this before and all has turned out just fine in the past.  Then he excused himself to cough until he was sick.  "Okay," Wolf said, "if I'm not feeling better by Tuesday I'll make a doctor's appointment."  That was on Sunday. 

Monday was a replay of Sunday but at a distance (he's back to living-out during the week).

This morning he called me sounding chipper, if somewhat raspy. 
Wolf:  Hey babe, (chokecoughsputterwheeze) -(strangled) hang-on (coughhackcoughchoke.......)
Me:    Oh good!  You're feeling better.
W:      Hey, that's only my second today.  Really, I'm waaaaay better.

The conversation concluded after whatever pertinent information had been gathered and given. 

The morning carried on in the usual home-schooling manner, with sneaking and attempted subterfuge, and at about 12:30, Wolf called again.  It was the usual lunch time call.  He sounded more raspy, like he had the day(s) before.  I asked him how he was doing.  He said it was all good.  'Have a good afternoon; talk to you later; love you and all that'...

Less than five minutes pass when the phone rings, again.

Wolf:  I'm gonna call the doctor and find out if I can get a walk in appointment. (click)

Five more minutes brings with it the announcement that the office is closed for lunch and no one will be answering until 1 o'clock.  Shortly before 1:00 he calls to ask me if I can please set things up with Doc God as he's already on the road.

Reception says, "Doc God's not on walk in today and he's booked solid except for an appointment at 1:40."  There was no way Wolf could get home (one hour trip) and we could get to Vic (another hour trip).  We decide that we don't care.  We're heading in to the city, appointment or not.  Not a really eventful trip.  Nice scenery, smooth highway, tearing cough.  Just loverly.

Into Vic and down the Highway, left on Cloverdale and straight on 'til morning...  Yup, booked solid.  We had to wait a whole 8 minutes before Doc God himself calls Wolf back (you're the next contestant...).  Even down the hall, through the closed exam room door I can hear the wracking coughs.  Yum!  Ten minutes pass and he's heading back down the hall, the grim expression of a man who has to spend a small fortune to regain some semblance of health.  Not too bad, really.  Turns out the good doctor was only willing to give him 2 days worth.  Why?  I'll explain that one with the following exchange:

Doc God:  Why didn't you come in sooner?
Wolf:  (grinning and coughing)....
Doc God:  (scratching on his prescription pad with a vengeance)...
And if you didn't understand that then you either are or have That Guy
that guy

One who takes care of ones needs, usually medical.

personal idiom:

I'm/you're not that guy
  • masculine judgment:  Only pussies go to the doctor if they aren't bleeding from an artery.
  • extreme machismo:  I walked around on a broke-in-3-places foot for 2 weeks, got it casted for 2 days, cut the cast off and went back to work.

The fricken guy has a bronchial asthmatic infection "that some might call pneumonia."  Doc God gave only 2 days of meds so that, if it wasn't getting better, he could escort Wolf to the hospital on Thursday.  If Wolf says it's getting better and goes in for more antibiotics etc, Doc God gets to call any possible bluff.  See, there's a reason we call him Doc God.  He is all seeing and all knowing, but I can't confirm possible claims of omnipotence.

Now, if you will excuse me, there is about to be a homicide committed in my house.  The ass just said he needed to hit the liquor store.

(please do not grade me on my tendency to flip between the tenses... James)

A conversation with my daughter.

Kitten:  Mom, you know that life-loving monk commercial?  I don't get it.

(I take a second, preparing to explain the joke...)

Kitten:  Because, if he loves all life, why is he using a Kleenex?  It was once a tree.

Me:  ...

Tell me, what fricken nine year old breaks it down that far?! 

May. 10th, 2007

Well, I certainly am dissatisfied!  I cannot seem to settle on a layout that I feel good about.

f*ckin' moodiness...grumble grumble...
I'm going to a wedding, today!

Um, no.  Not really, but a wedding is coming to me today... via webcast... so I can look like this:

Yay...  For the record, this just might be a temporary post.

That is all.

May. 9th, 2007

oh my god i am so damned tired!  one might think to one's self that this would be the perfect time for a person to turn in for the night but that has not been my way... ever.  i'm honestly not sure if i've ever done that which is normal.  i have always taken the hard road (even and especially when it has had to do with cutting corners.)

aw fekkit.  i'm altogether too tired for this.

night all...
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