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I suck so bad!

Really, I'm sorry for letting 2 months pass between writings here.  It's not like nothing's happened.  I've had remarkably great and remarkably bad things happen in my life, most of which has been blog worthy.  My problem is the computer/internet itself and my ability to spend four hours doing a fifteen minute job.  I got up extra early (which implies that I think 8:30 am is early) this morning so that I could get done some of the things that I really must complete.  Over the past 2.5 hours I have checked my email, read blogs, caught up on Facebook (evil, evil facebook) and typed this entry.

No reporting for school (I am so close to being caught up it isn't funny)
No further steps in the organization of the Longroom.
No breakfast and not nearly enough coffee!!

The list goes on, really, but all I'm doing now is not getting off the computer and, that, I really need to do!

So, know that I'm alive and that I'm ridden with guilt about abandoning you all.  I love you and will promise nothing, other than I will try harder.

I NEED a schedule!  How the hell do I do that?!  Seriously.